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EIFS Stucco Repair specializes in repairing Exterior Insulation and Finish System. We have put together a ton of content on Dryvit Repair and how it is suppose to be installed in the hopes that in the future it will not have to be repaired so much. If architects, contractors, owners, and applicators are all on the same page we will have no need for repairs.


The Synthetic Stucco application is much different for a house than it is for a building. Our residential customers click here.

A commercial building has a different roof, windows, and doors. Our commercial customers click here.

Here are some images of our jobs.





“This guys did a great job. Corey was very knowledgeable and had the answer to all my questions. Even my dog loved him. Thank you for doing such a good job”

Sabrina, Franklin, MI

“Thank you Corey. You are an honest man

You are always welcome at my home. Absolutely a fabulous job.”

Peggy, Birmingham, MI

“I have had a lot of EIFS done over the years as an entrepreneur, but I had never seen it done like this. I now know how this product is suppose to be done. No one else will do my EIFS again. You really know your stuff.”

Jeff, Monroe, MI

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