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EIFS Repair servicing Southeastern Michigan. Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) also known as Synthetic Stucco or Dryvit ® If you have a Repair project call us for a free estimate



We do a lot of residential repairs from woodpecker holes to remove and replace we will do all your residential repairs.


Painting EIFS is not as easy as most painters think. The Synthetic Stucco is different and an EIFS paint should be used supplied by the manufacturer. 


Repair and maintenance on commercial buildings is something we take pride in. We encourage business onwners to incorperate a maintenance plan for the EIFS to avoid future repairs.


If you do not live in Southeast Michigan you can purchase our DIY Kit and have a handy man or yourself do some small repairs.


We doing moisture testing on homes and commercial buildings. The moisture testing gives us a better idea of the extent of the repair.


On almost all Exterior Insulation and Finish System projects the winsows and doors go in before the windows are treated. This voids the manufacturer warranty. Do not let this happen on your project.

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